No space (short for noties space) is just the personal blog of chipperdoodles aka Martin Knobel. He has a comic named Noties (pronounced note ees) which is can be found at Noties.org because noties dot com is a premium address that sells for 4k up front. 

Hi, I'm Martin! My interests vary greatly and I wanted document things I've done, Ideas I've had or just share things I find! I'm an information sponge and love sharing my experiences and knowledge.

Disclaimer: Right now I work Machine Operation in board assembly @ SparkFun electronics and all views expressed on this website belong to me and not the company. 

You can expect posts about random personal projects, some basic hobby electronics and probably quite a few keyboards, maybe some ramblings, maybe some draws, maybe even some car stuff! ANYTHING GOES.

This article was updated on June 21, 2020