Mart's Handy Page of Links

 Just an amalgam of handy sites, tools, online stores I use frequently for projects in no particular order. Will probably add to this as I remember handy sites or come across new ones!


KiCad - FOSS PCB ecad Software

QMK Main Site - Open Source Keyboard Firmware

QMK Configurator - Online GUI to customize and build QMK firmware files

Keyboard Layout Editor - Online tool to visually build keyboard layouts

SwillKB - Handy site for developing switch plates and sandwich cases for keyboard layouts imported from the above keyboard layout editor

Keyboard Online Stores

NovelKeys - Great store for switches, and home of some of my favorite contact based key switches. Also runs some group buys

1upKeyboards - New York based mechanical keyboard store, can find most of what you'd need here for basic builds

Clueboard - Custom 60/66% keyboard PCBS and parts, key contributor to QMK

LFKeyboards - Maker of some solid Keyboard PCBs

KBDFans - Keyboard online store, Has lots of nice aluminum cases and all the keyboard parts you need if you can't find em elsewhere, also runs some group buys.

KPrepublic - Another Chinese based Keyboard Company store, Lots of options and keyboard types

sentraq - Offers basic keyboard parts but handy if you can't find them elsewhere

OLKB- Creator of the Planck 40% and Author of QMK, A key contributor to the Mech Keyboard community - Online seller of many commercial mechanic keyboards as well as parts for boards like the Phantom TKL pcb

PMK - Direct to Consumer facing store of Signature Plastics, A keycap manufacturer based in Washington state, well known for their SA profile keycaps


Misc online Stores

Tindie - Storefront to facilitate makers and hackers selling there own products, very cool to browse and see what's there

Mouser - One of the big 3 electronic component online sellers. Semiconductors, Passives, SBCs and more can be found here. Ships from Texas.

Digi-Key - Another of the big 3 online component sellers. Ships from Minnesota.


Embedded News Blogs

CNX Software - Blogs on embedded products and news related. Lots of SBC and Micro-controller news here

Linux Gizmos - Posts of linux tangetial computing news/products

Liliputing - Mobile and small computer blog posting mostly about products in that space


This article was updated on June 23, 2020